Ubuntu hardware in 2015

Ubuntu has always been about software, specifically operating systems for desktop and server use. There’s been the odd laptop or desktop that popped up with Ubuntu pre-installed but that’s generally been a once-off exercise by an OEM.

2015 however has so far been a really spectacular year for Ubuntu hardware. Ubuntu is now available on, desktops, laptops and phones. It’s not available in all countries and across as wide a range of hardware as it’s Windows counterparts but the list of Ubuntu hardware is growing.

Dell and HP are huge OEM’s for desktops and laptops and have released Continue reading

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Krita, digital painting for Ubuntu

Krita Logo

Adobe’s Photoshop is the industry standard for image editing and compositing. It’s incredibly powerful and due to it’s longevity, has massive amounts of tutorials, documentation and community support. However, if you run Ubuntu as your operating system of choice, you have to either run Photoshop using Windows emulation  Continue reading

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Ubuntu 15.10 “Wily Werewolf” announced

Ubuntu Logo

Mark Shuttleworth recently announced on his blog that Ubuntu 15.10 will be codenamed “Wily Werewolf”.


This is quite a fitting name since this is the version of Ubuntu that will finally bring the much talked about convergence in personal computing. He mentioned in a recent keynote that a phone will be released this year that will give users a pocket PC experience. He also confirmed that WhatsApp will become available on Ubuntu Touch.

This is great news for Ubuntu Touch and should finally realise some of the potential of the Ubuntu Edge device that was announced in 2013.

The shape changing Wily Werewolf is less than 6 months away. Until then, we will have to watch Mark’s keynote video and wait for a beta release. Stay tuned as more info becomes available over the next few months.

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Ubuntu 15.04 released: What’s new?

ubuntu 15.04
ubuntu 15.04

The latest version of the Ubuntu operating system, version 15.04 “Vivid Vervet” was recently released. It’s a non-LTS release which means that it’s only supported for 9 months after release. However, despite it’s short lifespan, it still contains many improvements with regards to Continue reading

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