Dying Light on Steam for Linux

Dying Light was released earlier this year on Steam for Windows and Linux. It’s a typical zombie apocalypse game that sees the player making their way through a zombie infested city by climbing parkour style over rooftops and on the ground while hacking and slashing great big piles of the undead.
Dying Light banner

Dying Light has two main modes: day mode and night mode. During the day, the player has the upper hand over the zombies and can quickly tear through them with ease. At night however, the tables are turned and the player becomes the hunted. This combined with the ability to go just about anywhere within the game environment makes Dying Light both an exhilarating rooftop slasher and a tense, stealthy, survival horror game.

Dying Light
Climbing to safety


Dying Light parkour


Here’s an IGN video review of Dying Light:

Dying Light is a AAA game for Linux that shows Linux is fast becoming a viable gaming platform. Dying Light is available on Steam as a SteamPlay game. This means that buying it once will allow the game to be played on Windows and Linux without having to be purchased again. It has full gamepad support with a co-op multiplayer mode.


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