Elementary OS 0.3 “Freya”

Elementary OS logoElementary OS titleElementary OS 0.3 “Freya”, the popular Ubuntu based distro was released a few days ago. Elementary OS is similar in visual styling to Apple’s OS X operating system despite it’s Ubuntu roots. This version is based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and will be updated till 2019.

Elementary OS ships with it’s own desktop environment, called Pantheon. This desktop environment is completely different from Unity but still is simple to use with a clean and elegant visual style. Elementary’s app menu is called Slingshot which integrates into the top-left corner of the desktop. Slingshot is complemented by the Plank dock which is a very simple dock that has little special effects but still quite effective to use.

elementary OS desktop

elementary OS settings
elementary OS settings

Elementary OS installed on my desktop in almost the same way as regular Ubuntu. Hardware support was exactly the same as Ubuntu and configuring the OS was extremely easy with very little effort on my part. Elementary OS has the beautiful styling of OS X with the support and flexibility of Ubuntu. I highly recommend this OS to any Mac or Windows user that wants an easy transition to Linux.

Elementary OS “Freya” can be downloaded from elementary.io.



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