Meizu MX4: Next Ubuntu Phone?

The long awaited Ubuntu Phone was recently released using the BQ Aquarius 4.5 as a hardware base. Even though the BQ Aquarius 4.5 Ubuntu Phone was released at a very reasonable price point, it remains a mid-range smartphone at best. The question now is when will a flagship Ubuntu Phone be released? There’s lots of speculation that the next model in the Ubuntu Phone range will be  

the Meizu MX4. This phone is currently released with a custom version of Android called Flyme OS. Just like the BQ Aquarius 4.5 which is available in both Android and Ubuntu flavours, the Meizu MX4 should be released with Ubuntu Touch whilst the Flyme OS version will remain as a separate product.

To whet your appetite, the main specifications of the Meizu MX4 are:

– 8 Core CPU
– 5.36″ 1920 x 1152 Display
– 20.7 Megapixel camera


The Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Phone should be released soon. Hopefully it will be the first in a long line of high-end Ubuntu smartphones. For more information about the Meizu MX4, visit

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