Two of my favourite Ubuntu Phone apps

Even though the new Ubuntu Phone went on sale just a few days ago, the Ubuntu App Store has several apps that are essential for most smartphone users. I’ve mentioned Telegram before and won’t go into further detail except to mention that it’s still my most used app on Ubuntu. I recently ran into two free apps that I think are worthy of mention. Continue reading

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Ubuntu Phone goes on sale

The new Ubuntu Phone went on sale today via It was the first of several flash sales which sees the new Ubuntu handset being sold to the public in small quantities for €169.90.

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The phone is listed at and will be available for sale again when the next flash sale pops up. The bad news is that it’s only available in Europe. Meizu should be releasing the MX4 Ubuntu Phone soon which may be internationally available. I’m really hoping that Meizu release the MX4 Ubuntu Phone for international customers and ship to South Africa. If that happens, i’ll be one of the first customers in the order queue!

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