Two of my favourite Ubuntu Phone apps

Even though the new Ubuntu Phone went on sale just a few days ago, the Ubuntu App Store has several apps that are essential for most smartphone users. I’ve mentioned Telegram before and won’t go into further detail except to mention that it’s still my most used app on Ubuntu. I recently ran into two free apps that I think are worthy of mention.


taskly icon

I tend to be quite forgetful at the best of times and a task/reminder app is essential for me. I found a free app on the Ubuntu App Store called Taskly that is extremely simplified but still very effective.


Once Taskly is opened, you just have to swipe from the bottom edge to add a new task. There’s Title and Description fields and a Due Date field. Once those are completed, a new task will appear in the Upcoming screen. Completed tasks will automatically move to the Completed screen and that’s basically that. There’s no alert function yet and no cloud sync. There is however a Projects function which is essentially a way to group tasks under separate projects. Taskly is a simple app that follows the clean design of all the core Ubuntu Phone apps. There’s still room for improvement but even in it’s current state, it’s highly recommended. Visit for more information on the Taskly app.



There is already a Weather app that’s an Ubuntu core app. However, the Forecast weather app tends to work better for me. It has a lot more information on one screen than the core app without feeling cluttered. It shows the current weather, weather for the next hour, temperatures and basic forecast over the next 24 hours and the 7 day forecast is a simple up-swipe from the lower edge.


Forecast is a simply designed app that provides plenty of information while remaining a clutter free. Visit for more information on this app.

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