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Ubuntu 15.04 “Vivid Vervet”: What to expect

Ubuntu 15.04 code name “Vivid Vervet” will be released in a couple of weeks. As usual, the question will be “what’s new?”
Ubuntu 15.04 is not a feature rich release. It’s main features are beneath the surface. However, this does not mean it’s not an important release in the Ubuntu release schedule.

Ubuntu 15.05 desktop

Systemd instead of Upstart

Systemd replaces Upstart for Ubuntu’s initialisation software. It is essentially the software that runs all the startup processess for Ubuntu. For regular users, this means everything runs as per normal with nothing to actually worry about.


Unity is updated with this release. Nothing special here but a step towards the eventual convergence of Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu for mobile devices.

Local Menus

Displaying menus on a windows title bar is now the default with the option to move menus back to the top bar just a click away.

Kernel update

The linux kernel has been updated to 3.19.3. This will enable better hardware support but nothing to write home about.

Software updates

All the major software packages like Libre Office and Firefox has been upgraded.

There’s hundreds of small, under-the-skin updates that make this release a worthwhile upgrade if you want the latest and the greatest from Ubuntu. If you want stability and support, it might be better to stick to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Stay tuned for a comprehensive review when Ubuntu 15.04 is released.

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